Kasabian at Margate Winter Gardens

Image used under CC by paulbence

Image used under CC by paulbence

I bought my ticket today to go and see Kasabian at the Margate Winter Gardens on 23rd March. Yes that is a Monday but what better way to try and reclaim the weekend than by going to a gig.

I honestly hadn?t heard that they were playing and it?s a bit of a coup for Margate to get such a big band who are playing a few of these smaller gigs as warm-ups.

Tickets are not available online from the Winter Gardens, in fact there is no mention of Kasabian on the site, but the best way to get tickets is to call up the Winter Gardens on 1/292795 and pay only 22.50 + 1.50 booking charge as opposed to buying the tickets online via Ticketmaster and paying 22.50 + 4.50 booking fee.

I have seen Kasabian before at the Isle of Wight Festival in 2007 and they were very good then, so I?m hoping they put on a good show and that the crowd enjoys them and doesn?t get too loutish. This will be a nice change from spending the evening indoors.

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3 Responses to Kasabian at Margate Winter Gardens

  1. Ed says:

    thanks for letting us all know about this. we hardly ever get decent bands like this around here
    cheers for the info

  2. Sir Head says:

    It is no Coup getting Kasabian here or any other big Indie band its down to Metropolis music who promote it. There head guy Mags Revell comes from Thanet and is just giving people what theyve wanted for a long time. i know coz hes a mate of mine.

  3. Adem says:

    The gig has made the front page of ?Your Thanet? newspaper out today so that should hopefully means it gets sold out.


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