Survey completed on house

Toilet Humour?

Toilet Humour?

My Survey for the new house finally came through on Friday and I?m happy to say that there is nothing hugely wrong with the house that would jeopardise the sale, although it has confirmed that there is quite a bit of work to be done. I opted for the homebuyers report as opposed to just getting a basic valuation and I think it?s definitely worth the extra to have all these things pointed out even if it did cost 460 in total, which I suppose is nothing compared to the thousands of buying a house.

I?ve had other surveys trickling through from my solicitors concerning general things about the property and immediate vicinity i.e. it?s not on a former toxic dump etc, which are fairly mundane, but obviously nice to know, but I also got one through about the building and more specifically its age. *cue drum-roll* I found out that my nice little terrace house was built in 1880. EIGHTEEN EIGHTY! Now that is old isn?t it, and I like that. No new build for me!

My sister was visiting at the weekend so I took the opportunity to take her on a viewing of the house, and also for me to take some photos, get a few more measurements and have a think about what to do to the place now that I know the survey has come back fine and I?ve instructed the solicitors that I want to proceed with the purchase. If you want to have a look at the photos then click here, but be warned that it?s a tip, and that there?s lots of work to be done.

If you do see the photos then you will see a few oddities, namely:

  • Is this the best way to put in a new plug socket: here & here
  • Does Ramsgate get so hot that you require ceiling fans in your home? here & here

Also anyone know a good roofer as I need to get the flashing sorted on the chimney? More requests to follow!

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5 Responses to Survey completed on house

  1. Ross says:

    Hi Adem,

    I somehow stumbled on your blog a while ago and ended up subscribing to the rss feeds (think I was googling Ramsgate or something). I used to be good friends with your sister when we were at school, you probably don?t remember as it was a long time ago!
    Just wanted to say congrats on getting the house, whereabouts are you moving to?

  2. Adem says:

    Hi Ross,

    Thanks for popping along. After some conferring with my Mum I do remember you as Vas hung out with April a lot too, although yes it was a long time ago.

    I?m staying in Ramsgate and moving to one of the roads off St. Lukes Avenue.

    More information to follow when every is signed, sealed, and delivered.

  3. Aravis says:

    Well, yes, it needs work. But if it?s structurally sound, the place has a great deal of potential! I look forward to future pics of the improvements you make, should the sale go through. :0)

  4. Sol Bernstein says:

    Tony at AU roofing is excellent. Reasonably priced and a perfectionist. Only problem is he gets booked up months in advance. You will probably have to pay for scaffolding though.

  5. Tony. Udall. says:

    Mr Bernstein.
    Thanks for your comments.
    We can work with out scaffold on some roofs but would have to look first.
    We cover all trades from plumbing, Plastering, Decorating you name it we can do it. Many Thanks


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