Nothing to Say

Yet again you will have noticed that I?ve not been blogging. The other day I started writing a new post, got a few sentences through and then stopped. I don?t have anything to blog about at the moment but I?m sure that will change soon. This post is just to check in and at least get some output on the blog.

I?m still twittering at lease a couple of times a day although I can?t say that you?ll find any of that interesting either! I know Twitter has been thrust into the public eye and now every man and his dog is dropping it into conversation but I found this which apparently shows that I was the 16th person in England to sign up to Twitter. I?m not sure how accurate that is, but I have been signed up for a couple of years although I can?t confirm that I ever used it much.

Speak soon.

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2 Responses to Nothing to Say

  1. Zhu says:

    I have never truly understood Twitter. But at least, now I know that you are ahead of the trend! :-)

  2. Ed says:

    i have thought about using twitter for business promtion, but just do not have the time to keep writing rubbish about nothing, instead of actually working :)


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