Quad Biking at Margate

Image used under CC by m3cfa

Image used under CC by m3cfa

Something that?s happened for the past few years, but I?ve never managed to go to is the Quad Racing Association Margate Big Sky Beach Cross Weekend, or QRAMBSBC for short, or how about just the Quad Bike thingy at Margate. Yet again it seems to be something that has sneaked up on me, and I will endeavour to make the effort and get down there.

Is it just me, and that I should look out for these things, or could there be a bit more promotion for it? I found out yesterday in Your Thanet (on page 20), but I?m sure that those who have been before will already have it in their diary for this time of year. I?ve had a bit of a google and yes it has been promoted and is on websites, etc so it is most likely just me. It?s quite easy for me to cast the blame on others but it?s probably more a case of me being ignorant about these things. I apologise.

Just in case others have missed out on this info the timetable of the weekend is:

Saturday 7th March

  • 9.30am:Parade of riders along the Promenade on to the beach to the ‘work area’.
  • 10.00am:Practice.
  • 10.30am:Qualifying heats for the Adult Quads & Solo’s to determine which group A,B,C the riders are in.
  • 11.30am: Racing starts with the 250cc Youth Quads. Each class/group gets minimum of three races per day.

Saturday evening from 8.30pm DJ Stumpy will host a ‘social’ evening for competitors and guests at the Smith Court Hotel.

Sunday 8th March

  • 9.30am: Parade of riders along the Promenade on to the beach to the ‘work area’.
  • 10.00am: Practice ? 2 laps practice for all classes.
  • 10.30am: Racing for day 2 starts. Each class will have minimum of three rides with the top riders from each class competing in a Grand Final.
  • 4.30pm:Presentation of awards.

For more information please go to: www.margatebeachcross.com

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3 Responses to Quad Biking at Margate

  1. QRA UK says:

    Hi Adem

    Thanks for mentioning the event ? and hope to see you over the weekend.

    Whilst we have been helping to promote the event in conjunction with Margate Town Partnership, we?re always open to ideas on how we can improve for next time, so any suggestion gratefully received.


  2. Adem says:

    Hi Richard.

    I went along on Saturday and enjoyed it. You can see my photos on this page.

    There were big crowds there too so I guess your promotion has been working. At the end of the day there has to be some responsibility left to the public, like myself, to make the effort to be aware of things that are going on.

  3. My Quad Bike says:

    Hi Adem,

    Great post and yes, there should be more people made aware of the events around the country.

    We have this problem and have been in the industry for a few years, where people just don?t bother to let industry related sites know whats going on within the community.

    Should someone wish to let us know about any other events, we would be more than happy to post them in our events guide on our site.

    Just so others know, we have a few sections on our site, which includes:
    [+] Quad Bike Dealers
    [+] Quad Bikes For Sale
    [+] Quad Bike Insurance

    + lots of other stuff coming ? parts, accessories, finance and so on.

    If I can be of any help at all, please, let me know and I will help where I can.



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