Slow and steady wins the race

So it?s looking like the hose is going to take a lot longer to get sorted than I?d previously thought, but doing things the proper way will make it a great house to live in.

It?s taking quite a while to remove all the junk that was left in the house and after several tip-runs yesterday I?m still left with quite a bit but will hope to get rid of all that tomorrow, and then the house will be virtually empty which is the way it would have ideally been but that wasn?t the case.

The house hasn?t got central heating and although I thought about delaying installation until late summer the fact is that is that I would be only delaying the inevitable and making more work for myself in the long run. Yes it?ll be 1800-2000 to get it all put in but what?s the point of me carpeting, tiling, filling the house up with all my stuff if further down the line I have to start pulling up floorboards etc to get the heating installed. I guess I?m just eager to get things done quickly so that I can move in, but I want the house to be the best it can be and for that I will have to be patient. Luckily my mortgage payments don?t start until next month so I will have some extra cash to go towards the costs.

You?ll be happy to know that I?ve got the water and electrics sorted out, but it?s amazing how energy conscious I?m being when I know I?ll be paying all the bills!

I?m almost halfway thorough my weeks leave and really could do with a month off work but I?m getting there slowly.

p.s. I?ve found another 3.40 (2.40 down an old armchair I took to the tip, and 1 under the washing machine)

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  1. Aravis says:

    You?ve been doing a lot. I think it?s very wise of you to address the heating situation now. As you pointed out, it will save you much time and aggravation down the line. I?m so happy that all is going well, even if it is more time-consuming than you had anticipated. Also very smart of you to be energy-conscious. That will pay off big time down the road as well as in the present.


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