Update on the house

Ive now removed these units

I've now removed these units

I?ve been doing a few bits around the new house in preparation for having next week off when I?m really going to go at it. On Wednesday I took down the wooden units in the front room whic revealed areas of wall that need to be sorted and also a huge mass of cables which needed to be sorted. I also found 77p in loose change and a chart mixtape from 1981.

On Thursday I took apart most of the kitchen units. It wasn?t a case of just ripping them off as they were put up there very sturdily and there was an intricate process of removing them without removing half the wall.

This lunchtime I popped down there, filled the car up with the majority of the wood and then went to the council recycling depot and disposed of it. I?ll be going down again this evening and doing a bit more dismantling.

I won?t get a huge amount done this weekend as it?s Ben?s Stag Night tomorrow but I have got the whole of next week off when I?ll be stripping wallpaper, filling in gaps, and getting some painting done. I?m also going to have a crack at doing some plastering in one of the small bedrooms so that if/when I mess it up I can just close the door on it and never return. I have done a little plastering before, but only in small areas, so all I can do is give it a go and see what happens.

Ive also removed most of the kitchen units

I've also removed most of the kitchen units

I?ve also got to find a plumber to come around and check over the pipes etc, and will also see if I can afford to get anyone else around to sort out some bits as I?ll be there all week.

I?ll see if I can do another video update at the end of next week to show you what else has been going on.

Have a good weekend.

p.s. apologies for not commenting on your blogs (or even visiting in some cases). Normal service will resume and I do appreciate your comments so don?t think that I?m being rude or anything.

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  1. Aravis says:

    I?ve yet to finish the plastering in my home. I keep thinking I?ll do it during a break from school, yet I never seem to do it. Got to get to it. I?m admiring how much you?re getting done in such a short time. Keep that momentum going!

  2. nicole says:

    Interesting, keep going man!


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