Bathroom almost completed.

So I haven?t told you much about the house lately, although all my friends have been asking me how it?s going and the only answer I have is that it?s all taking a little longer than I first anticipated.

Initially I made really good progress in clearing it out etc, but the preparation has taken quite a long time, taking off wallpaper (layer upon layer), plastering, cleaning. The other factor is that I?m working during the day and there?s only so much I can do in the evenings (I still want to have a social life too). I should really become a hermit for the next m0nth?.

The biggest hold-up is the central heating. The house has none, and the boiler is broken so there isn?t any hot water either. I?ve been getting quotes and the cheapest I can get for new combi boiler, radiators, piping, labour is just shy of 2,500 so that will have to do. Waiting to get this done has meant that I can?t carpet, put in the new kitchen, etc because floorboards will be lifted, holes will be made, and it is best to get the heating done before many other things are done.

I have now virtually finished the bathroom, which is good news. I?ve painted the ceiling (many layers), put in new lights, cleaned it thoroughly, secured the bath, put in new flooring, and have a bath panel ready to secure in. In the future I will move some of the pipework, move the toilet nearer the wall (ongoing joke) and will get a new bathroom suite, but it is now usable and will do for the immediate future.

I took a quick video on my phone yesterday just to show the flooring, done with these amazingly cheap vinyl flooring tiles, a great alternative to ceramic tiling, and you can see it below.

Hopefully the heating won?t take to long and after that there shouldn?t be anything stopping me from moving in! ?.apart from pulling my finger out, finishing the other rooms and getting the place carpeted.

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