Weekend Update

I have a melon-head? well a swollen face due to an abscess. I had a dental check-up on Wednesday which was all fine, and then that very evening I started getting a pain, had trouble sleeping, and then found my face swelling up by morning, alojng with some pain too. Great. I rang up the dentists and luckily they were able to see me that morning and I?ve been prescribed antibiotics. I also had a cold too so plenty of sneezing and runny nose action going on to. I normally don?t take sick leave but I was feeling so rubbish that I had Thursday and Friday off. I?m starting to feel a little better now but am still waiting for the swelling to go down.

sd_card1I know that?s not at all interesting to you but I felt I should blog something at least.

I bought a new memory card for my Canon EOS450D. I?ve already got a 4 Gig card but it?s always good to have a back-up and for just £9.99 I got my hands on a .  That?s an amazing price really. I would like to get another lens for my camera but with the new house it?s not something I can afford. Anyone fancy buying me one?

That?s all for now really, but if you?re a bit bored then you can check-out my new video update of what?s been going on at the house. Everything is taking much longer but I?ve got a date for the central heating installation and hopefully I?ll be able to start moving stuff in by the end of the month.

Have a nice weekend.

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  1. Adem says:

    The antibiotics are working now and my face is returning to a normal size? woo hoo!


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