Being Nice

After a bit of self-reflection last week I decided that I needed make the extra effort to be nicer and I hope that over the past week I?ve succeeded.

?lately I’ve looked at myself and I’m moodier, less helpful, short-tempered, put down people, and generally less fun than I used to be. I know I can’t be life and soul all the time but I sometimes think that I’m not always a very fun person to be around and don’t always give people the attention they deserve.

In retrospect I still have to agree with my comment and when I make the effort to ask how people are, engage them in conversation, and actually take in interest in what they?re doing then it becomes apparent. Previously I may have asked them how they are purely because they asked me, and it shouldn?t be like that. I shouldn?t need prompting but it?s easy to fall into that trap. It isn?t a chore to talk to friends so why act like it?

There will be times when I act like a nob, guaranteed, but hopefully those will be outnumbered by the better aspects of me.

Also.. My friend Tom has been blogging since the start of the new year and was complaining that he doesn?t get many visits on his site and so if you are a techie nerd then please head this way and maybe leave a comment.

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2 Responses to Being Nice

  1. Tom Bell says:

    Thanks for the plug!

  2. Zhu says:

    There are times when I just want to be miserable and cynic. But usually, it doesn?t last. Plus I believe in some kind of karma I guess? all the nice things that happened to me happened because I was happy. So I?m trying to stay happy and nice :-)


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