Saving for a rainy day

Floor tiled and grouted.

Floor tiled and grouted.

So that?s the end of the good weather then? a couple of days.. and for both of them I was indoors doing DIY. Today it?s absolutely pooring down and I had great fun with the car getting some damp in the engine and wanting to keep cutting out. Luckily I was able to pull over but it took several attempts to get it going and keep it going. Plenty of revving seems to have cleared the damp and I?ve got my fingers crossed for the way home.

In other news? I?ve got no money? so hopefully the car was just having an off day.

This is the first time for several years that I?m actually waiting on pay-day (this Friday) as I?ve usually had saving etc and haven?t really had to worry, but I?ve spent a fair bit on the house so that my savings are now virtually gone which is a strange position to be in.

A few more weeks though and I should be moved into the house which is great news. There?ll still be work to do on some of the rooms but as long as I have a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom then I?ll be fine.

The tasks for this week are to fit the kitchen and see about getting some quotes for carpeting the main bedroom.

Note to self: I have less disposable income than I did before?. now act like it!

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  1. Aravis says:

    Oh, ouch. Hard to remember to practice restraint after being able to spend. House repairs are black holes that suck up savings before you realize what?s happening. But oh, how the results make it seem worth it!


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