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I?m sure in quite a few places in this blog I?ve gone on about the environment, being green, recycling, etc and now that I?ve got the new house I?ve got more things to deal with to ensure that I?m being as kind as is possible to the environment. I of course want to save money too and saving energy does this for me too.

I?ve never lived in a house with a water meter and that?s generally meant that it?s open season on wasting water as the rates are always the same, but now I?m on a meter it is effecting the amount of water I?m using as I?ve always got one eye on my bills. The plus point is that I should actually be saving money as I?m a single person living in a 3 bedroom house, and if I was on the rates system they would bill me for more, but with a meter I can send in my meter readings and save myself some cash. If I had a big family then perhaps I would prefer the rates system but for me a meter is best.

Electricity is the next thing that I?m trying to control my usage of, and I?m happy to say that I?ve been putting in my energy saving lightbulbs and have also been checking out the energy ratings of the appliances I?m putting in. The oven I?m buying is an A-rating, and I will have to check on the Washer-Dryer and the Fridge Freezer to see their energy ratings but as they were second-hand I have had less choice in respect to them but the energy rating of their sucessors will be of importance to me.

Double glazing is already installed so that?s saving heat, and the central heating boiler I?m getting installed is A-rating and is 90.1% efficient. All the radiators have thermostats, so I will only be heating areas of the house I want and saving energy. The combi boilers itself is pretty nifty in that there is no need for storage tanks as they heat water directly from the mains so you are not heating water you don?t need.

I know that my energy use will go up once I?m living there with daily showers, TV and PC, washing machine, cooking, etc but I feel that I?ve made a little start into lowering the cost and doing my bit for the environment. I?m in an old house so there are limits to certain things I can do but I?ll do my best and I?m thinking about getting one of these.

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  1. Paul says:

    Loft insulation is another one to look into and just generally turning things off that don?t need to be on like turning of the xbox or PS3 from the mains

  2. Ross says:

    Get yourself a timer and set the washing machine and tumble dryer to come on in the early hours. We do this and have really noticed the difference.

  3. Aravis says:

    That?s a nifty little device.

    We?ve done the same with our home, as much as is possible. Light bulbs, energy star rating where possible (and, like you, replace appliances w/ energy efficient appliances as it comes up), replaced the furnace w/ energy efficient ones, replaced windows, insulated under the house and up in the ceiling where it was missing. Turn off the lights when not in use, turn off the tv while I?m on the computer, that sort of thing. As you say, it saves $ while saving the environment. :0)

  4. Adem says:

    Just did a search for my washer dryer and that has got an A rating too so that?s good too.

  5. There?s now about 10 feet of insulation here in the loft of the old cliff top mansion and it?s made a real difference. Probably the most cost-effective thing you can do.

    Unfortunately, though, the CTM?s not double-glazed. Double glazing 30 Victorian sash windows would cost more than I?ve got in my Cayman Islands account, sadly, and I?d have to live until 2098 to recoup the cost. Plus the DG would have to look like the originals, as it?s in a conservation area, which would probably double the cost. If the government was really serious about saving the planet, and creating jobs in a recession, they should be handing out grants to people like me to get work like that done!

  6. Tim says:

    Adding a radiant barrier to your attic is another great idea. Helped us lower our monthly electric bill immediately.

  7. Zhu says:

    I?m trying to save electricity as well. Water? well, I do need a shower a day, sorry, I?m a woman! :lol:

    What kills me is our heat bill in the winter. But what can we do? it?s Canada.


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