Central Heating Installation

When I first bought my house at the end of March I did quite a bit of work in clearing it out and getting it back to the bare bones but then my productivity dropped and I suppose it was because I had no focus. There was so much to do that I didn?t really know where to start and in effect I didn?t start anywhere or it was lots of little things which didn?t seem to amount to much. I guess I was also waiting on getting the central heating installed and thought ?well, it?s not worth doing as I?m still waiting to get the heating installed? which is a terrible mindset but does happen when certain jobs depends on other things getting done. I haven?t been able to put the new kitchen in yet because the boiler and piping has to go in first etc. It?s sensible to go that way but there were plenty of other jobs which I could?ve done.

Decorating the bedroom

Main bedroom wallpapered and painted...

Yesterday was the first day that the heating guys were coming in and that really spurred me on over the past week as I knew there would be no more excuses once the heating is installed and that technically I could then move into the house as I would have hot water which is the only thing holding me back. I?ve been wallpapering and painting non-stop and finally some of the rooms are starting to take shape. It?s amazing what a change that makes from bare plaster.

I took a break from the house yesterday and instead went to 5-aside and then off to the  cinema to watch Star Trek. I popped down the house at about 10pm to see what the guys had been up to and saw that several of the downstairs radiators have already been installed and even that makes a big difference making the house seem ?newer?. I am happy and by the end of Friday the central heating will be done and I?ll be able to make a start on that kitchen over the weekend.

The next tasks will be flooring, but I am spending the remainder of my savings on the central heating and so I?ll have to see where that leaves me financially and will probably mean that I?ll have to wait until next month before I can afford to get that.

Once the radiators are in then I can promise you another video update (Video 1, Video 2, Video 3) which I know you are looking forward too.

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  1. Aravis says:

    It looks so nice and airy. I know what you mean about having to wait around for other work to be done before you can progress in certain areas. I also know what you mean about putting things off that you *could* be doing. *G* I?m planning to finally tackle some things myself. You?re to be my inspiration, alright? ;0)


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