I?ve been blogging for five years

I am well aware that the blog has gone a little stale, hell, I?m even boring myself here, but as we all know, it?s not just here for amusement and insight but also to keep a record of what?s going on in my life and has documented (mostly) throughout the last five years with only a few blips in between.

I?ve just checked my archives and see that my first ever post was on 10th May 2004, so I?ve actually missed out on a mini celebration as five years is quite a milestone. I?ve considered quitting a few times before but I do like the fact that I can crawl through the archives and see what?s been going on in my life. Okay it mostly documents the really boring bits in my life but it?s good nonetheless.

The first post went like this if you?re interested:

My friend Dave told me about blogging so I thought ‘Fuck it’ and am gonna give it a go. We’ll have to see how long it lasts. Hmm now to find stuff to put on it. ? adem

So 5 years ago I was 23 and living and working in Chichester. Today I?m *thinking* ?.28 and living and working in Thanet. But I?m still working in Students? Unions and my recent development is that I own my own house now, bought a couple of months ago (have I told you that yet?? yawn?).

Five years is a long time I think, but is it? The weeks and months seem to fly by, and when it?s just 260 weeks or 60 months then it doesn?t seem that long at all. A month can fly by, so why not 60 months?

Getting a house always seemed to be one of the huge hurdles and although I know it?s not the most important thing, it is something I?ve wanted and it gives me stability and gives me foundations (yes I know, literally too, but I meant it metaphorically). Five years ago I was living in a shared flat, living on my overdraft, and still generally living the student life although I had graduated two years previous. I wasn?t sure what life had for me and I guess being 28 seemed a long way in the future and I wouldn?t have thought that I?d still be here typing away on this blog.

I?m not sure what I would?ve expected to achieve in five years?.. But looking back to have a stable job and my own house isn?t too bad an achievement, although I?m sure at the time I expected grander things. What more could I have expected? I perhaps would?ve expected to be in some kind of relationship, but that has taken a backseat for quite a while now due to a variety of different things and maybe I am destined to single. I hope not and is it wrong for me to think that now I?ve got the house out of the way I can move on to getting  a lady friend?? I?m not one to conform to suburban ideals all the time and I feel like an idiot for having a checklist for happiness ? Got job? check. Got house? check. Got partner? umm? but I assume that will make me happy and ?complete? any emptiness in my life.

Is that wrong? I know that it?s not that simple, and that won?t solve all lifes problems, but it?s something I want.

Maybe in 5 years time I?ll be able to tell you that I?ve finally found someone! ;)

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  1. Tom Bell says:

    It does tick a box, but it doesn?t complete your life, you have to do that for yourself. Look at the people around you, there are tales of failed relationships and people who are clearly unhappy, having someone doesn?t necessarily ice the cake.

    You will find someone if you want to, but don?t focus on it because it will make it seem like a huge thing. Don?t be afraid of stigma if you want to take any on the unconventional routes to finding someone (although buying people off the internet is probably best avoided), but if you just live your life in a way that makes you happy, people will find you. No-one is (or should be) attracted to unhappy people.

    You are (genuinely) one of the nicest, kindest people I know, and that goes a very long way. Viva la vida!

  2. Adem says:

    Cheers for those words Tom. As you know I don?t go looking for relationships. I don?t even go ?on the pull?. In the past relationships have just ?happened?, usually with friends, or friends of friends, but as the majority of I the women I know are all in long-term relationships that kinda scuppers that!

    Don?t worry it?s not a big thing I?m focussing on, and I know it?s not a 100% guaranteed happiness solution.

    As for your last comment I?m not too sure about that at the moment. I look back to myself a few years back and I think *big head* that it was probably true but lately I?ve looked at myself and I?m moodier, less helpful, short-tempered, put down people, and generally less fun than I used to be. I know I can?t be life and soul all the time but I sometimes think that I?m not always a very fun person to be around and don?t always give people the attention they deserve.

    I could be a lot worse, but I most definitely could be a lot better.

    I?ll kick-start my new life and my new leaf shortly after this reflection on myself.

  3. tony flaig says:

    Well done five years bloggin wow. A true pioneer, myself I heard someone at a public meet announce that their website was bigger and better than TDC?s, so I checked out Thanet Life, not having come across it in the previous 10 years surfin and thought Blimey this is blimin weblog, a day or two later I started my own.

    I think blogs are a marvellous thing, and thanks to pioneers like yourself have made blogging the popular medium for self expression, Thanet has probably the best blogs in the world thanks to the likes of yourself. Good Luck for the next 5.

  4. Aravis says:

    Congratulations on hitting the 5 year mark! Quite a milestone.

    As for finding a lady friend, I don?t think it?s a suburban ideal so much as simply being human. :0)

  5. Zhu says:

    Five years is long and not long at the same time (sorry, I wish I could deliver deeper thoughts but it?s late and you know what I mean).

    I didn?t realize you were that young? it?s cool to buy a house when you are under 30!

    I?m sure you will find someone? ;-)

  6. Adem says:

    Tony ? Five years is a long time but I wouldn?t call myself a pioneer (well, maybe for Thanet I am). It?s amazing the sheer number of blogs we have in Thanet. Many have been set-up and then disappeared but there are many that have kept going and can be considered established blogs.

    Aravis ? I think you?ve been going just as long, perhaps longer than me, so congratulations to you too.

    Zhu ? I get what you mean. Yay for being ?young?! I work with 18 year-olds every day and I feel ?old? compared to them, but I guess I?m not too old yet?.

  7. Congrats on the 5 year milestone! And there?s nothing wrong with being big-headed. I?ve made quite a career out of it!

    As for ?the one?, it?s just a question of time methinks. Who knows, when you reach the 10 year anniversary you?ll probably be married with nippers. Seriously, I?ve enjoyed reading your blog ever since I arrived in Thanet all those years ago, and, from what I?ve read at least, you seem like a thoroughly splendid fellow.

  8. Aravis says:

    It?s been 7 years now for me. Are you calling me old? *G*


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