Britain?s Best BBQ?er Competition 2009

Grilling the competition..

Grilling the competition..

After getting to bed at 5am on Friday and 3:30am on Saturday, I didn?t have the inclination to go to Margate?s Big Weekend, and so that?s missed for another year, but I do have something to point you in the direction of for next weekend.

Next Sunday 28th June will see the Broadstairs heat (pun intended) of Britain?s Best BBQ?er Competition 2009 take place at Tesco Extra, Westwood Cross, and my sauces (pun intended) tell me that they are short of people taking part. How do I know they need people? Well over at Canterbury on Friday, as soon as I told someone I worked in Broadstairs they almost but my arm off telling me about as they had a part in running it and were disappointed by Tesco?s promotion of it. I won?t be able to go as it?s my Sunday league footy team AGM, but it may interest some of you out there.

The 7th Britain?s Best BBQ?er competition is easy to enter, but will test your Grill-skills. You?ll have 1.5 hours to prep, grill and present two dishes, one of your choice and one, our infamous, yet delicious Chicken Ciabatta, which looks deceptively simple, but beware!

If you fancy yourself for this then go onto the website, fill in the form, and submit it asap to get your chance for a bit of fun and some prizes.

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2 Responses to Britain?s Best BBQ?er Competition 2009

  1. Leonie says:

    Just to let you all know, everyone who cooks will get a 20 Tesco giftcard and the heat winner gets a 100 BBQ!

    It?s great fun so make sure you sign up now as you have to register before the day!!

  2. Zhu says:

    It?s funny: right now, in Ottawa, we have a ribs cook off competition downtown. I should post pictures later this week?


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