Margate?s Big Weekend

I haven?t really got anything to blog about at the moment, well, anything interesting to blog about, so I won?t. If you are around Thanet this weekend then can I point you in the direction of Margate?s Big Weekend,?Kent’s Leading Air and Land Festival?.

This is another event I usually miss out on but I will see if I?m able to pop over sometime this weekend. I managed to get across for the Margate Big Sky Beach Cross Weekend in March which was great but it?s the Summer Ball at work tonight and I won?t be getting home until around 5:30am, so I think Saturday will be a bit of a right-off, but I?ll try and get over on Sunday (programme of events) and maybe take my camera along.

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  1. ascu75akadon says:

    I shall be there it was great last year


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