Packed lunches save money

One sure fire way to spend a lot of money is to eat out and not make your own lunch for work. It certainly eats into the funds as I?ve been spending at least 3 a day on a baguette and a drink, which adds up to 15 a week, and therefore at least 60 a month. I say at least because there are times when I may have a hot meal and spend more.

I didn't have much salad in the fridge :(

I didn't have much salad in the fridge :(

It really is too easy to fritter it away. I don?t mind the amount I?m spending on the house as I can see where it?s all going, where as the money spend on lunch at work is something which could be reduced. I can also apply the same theory to alcohol and going to the pub which is wasted money when I have beers at home.

I am now taking steps (again) to lower my outgoings. I?m a pretty good cook and I enjoy cooking, so last night I made a big lasagne for dinner and then took a slice to work with me. Easy, and definitely cheaper than buying lunch at work. It also means I have got lasagne for dinner tonight! When I finally move into the new house then I?ll see about freezing food as I?ll be cooking for one.

As you can see from the photo I didn?t have much in the way of salad at home so celery, onion, and a tomato will have to do.

It should also be a bit healthier for me too as I know that the shop bought rolls and sandwiches have a lot of salt and fat in them. If I am willing to waste time filling in surveys to get a few quid then doing this will actually save me even more money.

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3 Responses to Packed lunches save money

  1. Adem says:

    Lunch was very tasty indeed!

  2. Aravis says:

    Lasagna, yum! It?s amazing how these seemingly little things add up, eh?

  3. Zhu says:

    Same here! I used to buy my lunch (well, Canada is a bit cheaper than the UK) and figured it wasn?t that expensive. But as you said, it adds up?

    I always cook a bit more at night and save some for lunch the next day. Plus, I make some quiche (I have recipes if you need!) which can be eaten cold or hot, and are a good side dish.


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