Botany Bay Poster

I was at Elephant & Castle train station yesterday when I spotted a poster for Discover Kent featuring a lovely snap of Botany Bay. I?m just wondering if they?ll be editing these to include a little bit of nudity in the near future?

Botany Bay.... where are the naturists?

Botany Bay.... where are the naturists?

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  1. Andy N says:

    well seeing as the dune area is right at the opposite end of the beach image in the poster, you wouldn?t even if they were tolerated or not.

  2. Adem says:


  3. Zhu says:

    On a different subject? what?s with English people and Elephant & Castle? Evey single English pub in the world is called Elephant & Castle!

  4. Adem says:

    I think you?ll find that ?The Crown? is the most popular name for pubs in the UK, followed by ?The Red Lion?, and then ?The Royal Oak?.

    There is an Elephant and Castle, The Red Lion, and the Royal Oak in Ramsgate where I live, but sadly the Crown is no more as it changed it?s name a while back :(

  5. nudist uk says:

    Would be nice to see those images as long as it?s not of some traditonal overweight guy in his 50?s in the ads!
    nudist uks last blog ..


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