Schinder?s Lift

A friend of mine has moved into a new flat in Canterbury and he pointed out the manufacturer?s name on the lift we were in, Schindler, which meant we were riding in Schindler?s Lift, which was quite funny (although not really).

Schindlers Lift

Schindler's Lift

I was thinking, ?wow did they not realise that?? but then a quick bit of research reveals that the Schindler Group were founded in Switzerland in 1874, so I think I?ll let them off.

Going down?

Going down?

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3 Responses to Schinder?s Lift

  1. j. says:

    That is strangely humorous.

  2. Aravis says:

    Well, it does lend itself to that play on words. Very funny. :-)

  3. Zhu says:

    I found it funny ? my kind of humor :lol:


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