Fitter, happier, more productive*

I told you before how I?d been ill but also had to work a lot of hours a few weeks back due to the new intake of freshers, well I?m not looking for sympathy as there has been an upside to that too. Not eating much whilst also burning lots of calories has had the effect of shifting a bit of weight off me. Obviously not eating is not the healthisest way to lose weight but it did put me on the right road and I?m happy to say I?m still losing weight.

Over the past couple of weeks I?ve lost over half a stone and I?ve done this by serveral ways:

  • Eating less: I?m not eating breakfast. I know they say it?s the most important meal of the day but I really don?t feel hungry at that time, and if I do eat something then it usually end us making me hungry and I can?t wait until lunch! At lunch I?m having something small like soup or a sandwich, and then at dinner I?ll have a large meal cooked by myself at home into which I know all the ingredients.
  • Working harder: I am actually putting in more effort at work. Don?t get me wrong, I worked hard before but doing more makes the time go quicker and keeps me interested. When I?m bored I may snack.
  • Playing harder: I normally play sports two times a week (1 hour of 5-aside football on a Tuesday & 90 minutes of football for my Sunday League side) but I?ve now added several other aspects into the equation with rugby training on a Monday evening, and also walking a lot more. I find myself walking into town now for lots of ?small shops? instead of just driving to Tesco for a ?big shop?, and this has allowed me to eat a lot more fresh food as well as feeling good that I am putting a little bit back into my local town.

So although I?m eating less and exercising more it still hasn?t changed my lifestyle and I would wouldn?t say that I was on a diet. I still go out for beers at the weekend, and may even relapse and have a kebab, but I reckon I?m not doing too bad and fingers-crossed that I can keep this up. I?m feeling better, apart from aching from rugby, and I?m also looking better which clothes a little less snug and the weight loss obvious in my face. I would love it if ?this time? was the time when I could shift my excess weight and drop a couple of stone, and for that reason it will be the last time I talk about this on this  blog as I don?t want to be under any pressure and am not putting a timescale on this.

Just don?t offer me any cakes?..

*[Fitter Happier - Radiohead]

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3 Responses to Fitter, happier, more productive*

  1. Zhu says:

    I love Radiohead :-)

    What?s a stone in kilos or pounds?

    I don?t think diets truly work, it?s all a matter of adjusting lifestyle for most of the time. So I guess you are on the right track?!

  2. Aravis says:

    As I finished reading this a commercial involving a singing slice of pepperoni pizza covered in Tabasco sauce came on. The juxtaposition of the two events amused me. Just thought I?d share. *G*

  3. Adem says:

    Zhu ? A Stone is 14 pounds, so lost about 7lbs so far. All going good, and yes I don?t hink dests really work, just have to keep an eye out that you?re not eating too much junk and that you are getting enough exercise.

    Aravis ? Pizza! Yum!


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