Boring posts.

Did you enjoy the post from yesterday? Interesting eh? Well that?s about rounds up the depth of my recent posts. I haven?t felt the urge to blog about anything much and so just dipping my toes in with a few posts keeps the blog alive and so when I do feel the need to post then it won?t come as too much of a shock.

So expect some little snippets and maybe I?ll actually post something interesting in the future?

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2 Responses to Boring posts.

  1. tony says:

    Don?t worry, so long as you enjoy writing them who cares

  2. Aravis says:

    I get it. I?ve been too busy too blog much. When I did have time, I didn?t think that anyone would be interested in hearing about school. Again. But that makes up the majority of my life right now. So I gave in and blogged. About school. Again. Because at least now you all know I?m still alive.

    For what it?s worth, I don?t think your blog is boring. I looked at that meal and really wished I was there.

    After all, ?there? wasn?t school. *G*


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