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A break from blogging

So I?ve really not felt the need to blog of late, which must be disappointing to the thousands of readers I have It was around this time two years back that I took an extended break from blogging (March-November 2008) ? Continue reading ?

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How to get more visitors on your blog

Since I gave this blog a bit of a spruce up I?ve been looking at ways to increase visitor numbers so that more people get a chance to see this wonderful website (ahem). I?ve looked at plug-ins, SEO, formatting of ? Continue reading ?

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New WordPress Theme

As you can see (unless you are reading the RSS feed) I have changed the theme on my blog and I?m quite happy with it. There?s still some bits to tweak but all in all it seems to be working ? Continue reading ?

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I?ve made another blog.

You can also find me over here writing about useful things. I?ve had the domain for quite a while sitting around doing nothing, so I thought I?d use it as somewhere I can experiement and write about non-personal/non-thanet things. I ? Continue reading ?

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Changing WordPress Themes

So I just spent an hour downloading new themes and trying them out on the blog but in the end I?ve just reverted back to this one because it was easier. I couldn?t be bothered doing too much work, configuring ? Continue reading ?

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Boring posts.

Did you enjoy the post from yesterday? Interesting eh? Well that?s about rounds up the depth of my recent posts. I haven?t felt the urge to blog about anything much and so just dipping my toes in with a few ? Continue reading ?

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Posts coming soon?

It?s been a week since my last post and I?ve got a few ones brewing but haven?t had the time to commit them to here. I?ve also got plenty of photos to sort out and upload and will get around ? Continue reading ?

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