How to get more visitors on your blog

Since I gave this blog a bit of a spruce up I?ve been looking at ways to increase visitor numbers so that more people get a chance to see this wonderful website (ahem). I?ve looked at plug-ins, SEO, formatting of posts, keywords, social media, and many other hints and tips that are offered when you go googling for ?How to get more visitors on your blog?.

The fact of the matter is that there is only one sure way of getting people to visit and read your blog:

Content is King

If you write interesting and informative articles that people actually want to read and know about then they will come. Google will do it?s job and send people your way, and if you?re lucky others may Stumpleupon it or Digg it. The truth is that a lot of what I write here is personal to me and will not interest anyone else. That is a fact and for that reason I will never have a ?popular? blog. I have written some interesting and useful articles before, and these do continue to get hits but these are one-off visitors and not the type who will subscribe to read the remainder of my posts.

Here are my top 3 visited posts:

  • Euroferries service between Ramsgate and Boulogne
  • How to degauss a TV
  • Best Fancy Dress Ever

The solution for me would be to stop writing about myself and only write about subjects that may be of interest to others but I won?t be doing that for two reasons:

  1. I don?t have many interesting things to write about
  2. This blog is about me, and has been my online diary since May 2004. I like to sometimes through the archives and seeing what I?ve been up to.

I think this all means that I shouldn?t really be concentrating on getting more visitors and should just continue what I?ve been doing. If it happens, it happens.

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2 Responses to How to get more visitors on your blog

  1. Zhu says:

    I don?t buy in most of the SEO tricks for the same reason. If I wanted tons of traffic, I?d be blogging about more ?commercial stuffs? or blogging about insurance and stuffs like that to sell more links.

    But that?s not how I see my blog.

  2. Aravis says:

    Yes, well, it comes down to: what do *you* want to write about? It isn?t worth writing about things that bore you just to get more visitors. What would be the point then?

    Past experience taught me that visiting other blogs or sites of interest and getting to know those people tends to draw people to yours. Of course, consistent blogging helps or you start to lose readers; it?s something I also found out when I got too busy to blog during the school year. Several of my blogging friends came from sites such as Illustration Friday or Photo Friday, challenges that I used to participate in.

    I guess it?s all about networking with people who share your interests. Good luck! :0)
    Aravis´s last blog ..Haiti


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