Why were our pavements not gritted?

The UK seemed to be obsessed with grit for the past week, it?s diminishing supplies, and how the roads would get gritted, but there was no mention of grit for pavements, which I believe proved to be even more treacherous for many people, so shouldn?t our pavements be getting gritted too?

I?ve had to put my wellies on for trips outside, which not only keep my feet dry but which also have very good grip, but what about those who are less confident on their feet such as the elderly or infirm?

On one of my trips to see my Mum last week (along with food supplies) she commented that in the past residents would?ve been out there shovelling the snow from the front of their houses but that didn?t seem to happen anymore and I guess she was right. Perhaps we should all be taking a bit more responsibility? Yes I know we pay our council tax for matters exactly like this, but we should also have a social responsibility to make our streets safer if we know that the authorities are unable too.

I suppose this is indicative of the way we live now where we don?t know our neighbours that well, where community has been removed, and where our number one focus is on ourselves and as long as we?re okay then that?s all we need to worry about. Is that me being pessimistic?

Update: Apparently you could end up getting sued if you don?t do a good job and so people are being warned not to clear snow. “If you do nothing you cannot be liable. If you do something, you could be liable to a legal action.” :
Health and safety experts warn: don?t clear icy pavements, you could get sued (Daily Telegraph 9/1/10)

Update 2: IOSH urges businesses and communities to do the right thing by clearing snow and ice and were misquoted by the Telegraph and Mail on Sunday. Blog article here.

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7 Responses to Why were our pavements not gritted?

  1. Ross says:

    it?s the American culture creeping in. If you clear the pavement outside your house and someone slips on it, they can sue you. Stupid I know but I think people are just scared of being sued !

  2. Adem says:

    Is that true? Someone mentioned it the other day and I wasn?t sure whether to believe it?

  3. Adem says:

    I?ve just added an update to the post as it appears you are correct Ross about the the legal aspect to it. See the post for links to an article by the Daily Telegraph.

  4. Paul says:

    Ross is right about being liable for clearing the pavement however also in the US in some cities by law clear you have to clear pavement outside your residence within 24 hours otherwise the district will clear it for you and charge you for doing so, I think Boston is one example of this.

  5. Adem says:

    Check out my latest post where IOSH urges businesses and communities to do the right thing by clearing snow and ice and were misquoted by the Telegraph and Mail on Sunday.
    Adem´s last blog ..

  6. C Russell says:

    I can remember when people cleared their own space and path from the road to the front door, this is how Postie got through and my God did they appreciate it. Now no one does anything just make a mess and expect everyoe else to put up with all their filth. I hate how our Country has become, all my foreign friends think England is an awful place to come to. Great isn?t it!

  7. C Russell says:

    we don?t want any more American crap coming into this country, our language has been changed beyond recognition, swearing is now accepted as the norm, people sue people for the slightest little thing, why have we allowed our country to become so out of control. We have changed all our ways and rules/laws to accomodate others. If only we could turn the clocks back 30 years and stop our country from changing beyond recognition, we are not even allowed to call ourselves English any more we have completely lost our identity and we had no say in the matter


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