Shop Local Card for Thanet

Ramsgate High Street

Ramsgate High Street

Way back in March I blogged about the possibility of a Thanet Loyalty Card and how such a thing could help local businesses, and reading in today?s Thanet Gazette it looks as though Thanet Council have pulled their fingers out and are looking at ways of helping local sole traders.

Shop Local is a new scheme running initially for a year which involves 100 business located in the five pilot shopping areas of  Birchington, Broadstairs, Margate, Northdown Road and Ramsgate. These stores have signed up to the scheme by contributing £25 and promising to offer incentives to those shoppers who present an incentive card. For every £25 contributed Thanet Council will match that with another £25 and this money will go towards promoting and marketing the scheme.

If this scheme proves successful then it will be extended to other parts of Thanet.

Click the links below to find out who is offering discounts in your town:

  • Birchington
  • Broadstairs
  • Margate
  • Northdown Road
  • Ramsgate

The scheme kicks off in November and from Monday 2nd November you can pick up your card from:

  • -the 100 businesses taking part in the scheme
  • -in Council offices and libraries
  • -by calling 0 or emailing

I really hope this works and that it gets the publicity it deserves, as there would be nothing worse than getting people?s hopes up, taking money from local businesses, and then letting it flounder which can sometimes happen when effort is gone into setting something up but then it is not followed through.

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