We won the league!

I love pool!

I love pool!

I?ve been playing for the pool team for the past season and a half, and last night we won our division! We play in the Thursday Thanet Pool League Division 4, and next season we?ll be playing in Division 3 which means we get to visit more Thanet pubs!

I really do enjoy Thursday nights as it?s a good time to catch-up with mates in the team, play pool, have some beer and food, and just get out on what would normally be a night indoors as it?s a ?school night?. I wouldn?t say I?m that great at pool but I do enough to get by and usually win most of my games, and it?s nice to see that as time goes by my game does improve and I?m playing shots in different ways.

We will get a trophy for this and it is the first time for ever that I?ve actually won something linked to sports as I?m generally a jack of all trades and master of none so I?m actually quite chuffed. The team did brilliantly this season so big-up respect to Windaas, GT, Chris, , Big Al, and especially to (the Wheatsheaf Landlord) who plays for the team, makes us lovely food, and makes the ?Sheaf and great pub to go to.

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2 Responses to We won the league!

  1. Tom Bell says:

    Slight correction mate, apparently you think we are a lot better than we are, we?ve just won division 4!

  2. Adem says:

    Changed. That means we can get even better!


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