Birthday Meal

On Saturday I went out for my Birthday meal at Churchills Tavern, Ramsgate, and I had a great time, so thanks to those who came along for the meal (Emma, Ian, Paul A, Phil, Emily, Paul F, Dan, Adele, Chris, Emma, Tom S, Jonny, Ben, Pip, and Anton) and those who came out after for drinks.

It was great to have lots of people out and that was one of the reasons for choosing Churchills which I find to be one of the most welcoming and relaxing venues in Thanet. Going to a restaurant in a big group can sometimes be more trouble than it?s worth so somewhere like Churchills was ideal where it?s easy going,  the food tastes great,  is good value, and more importantly where they serve good ales! I opted for the steak and ale pie (the most meat in a pie ever! official!) and also supped on the Chocolate Stout and had a few pints of Touché. There was even a band on that night (the Slug Pixies) who were pretty good, but as they got louder we decided to move on into town and headed to the cafe culture for somewhere a little quieter where we could all have a chat.

Gadds Beers

Gadds Beers

Now I?m not really one for wine bars as the main problem is that they?re usually pretty expensive and they usually don?t serve pints, but my view of Miles? Bar has changed sinced they started serving Gadds ale. For example a bottle of lager (330ml) costs between £3-£3.50 but now you can get a 500ml bottle of Gadds Dogbolter or Gadds No.3 for the same price so I?m more than happy to go there now. After a few pints and some lounging upstairs we made a move to the Belgian Bar (which was very quiet for some reason), and then headed back to mine for drinks.

After thursday?s 2am bedtime, I followed this up with getting to sleep just after 6am, and then having to drive to London at 11am. To say I was tired was an understatement but I pulled through and had a great few days to celebrate my 29th.

Next Up: Planning for New Year?s Eve.

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