Buying a real Christmas tree

I thought it would be nice to get a real Christmas tree this year and so for the past week or so I?ve been looking around to find one that looks good but is also not too expensive. ASDA had potted ones for 18 but they were quite small and didn?t look to be in great condition and there were several market stalls in Ramsgate had them but they were more expensive 30-40.

In the end I went to Focus and picket up a 7 ft Norwegian Spruce for 19.99 which I was very happy with. A quick google show that Homebase also have trees at this price too.

The tree came in netting and so I?ve put the tree up and am leaving it for a couple of days to settle and take its natural shape, and then it will be time to decorate!

Ready to be decorated

Ready to be decorated

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