Giving your Facebook Page a Custom URL

Earlier this year , the social networking site, introduced the option to have a personalised Facebook URL for your profile page. So instead of having an address like , you could have an profile address of which is certainly a lot easier to remember.

This option should?ve been offered to you immediately but many haven?t done this and probably don?t know how to do it if they dismissed the original message.

The simple thing is to go to and you will then be given the option.

You will also see that if you administer any fan pages (with over 25 members) then you also have the option to set a unique URL for these which is probably even more helpful (See ). Pages are usually used for larger organisations or groups and in the past most people would direct people to these pages by asking them to perform a search in Facebook to find them, which is actually a very poor way of going about things.

So now you can give your pages proper URLs which should help with promotion and getting more fans. Please note that there is not an option to give ?groups? their own URL.

Give your page a username

Give your page a username (click to see full-size)

A few local Facebook fan pages that could benefit from this but don?t include:

Thanet Star:

Thanet Extra:

Escape Nightclub, Margate:

and there are plenty of others too who are missing out on some easy promotion.

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