Property Prices in Ramsgate

Since I bought my house, I find myself checking out the prices of other homes in the immediate area and seeing how they compare to what I bought mine for in March this year. I?m not looking to sell of course but it was a big investment so it?s nice to see how it?s all panning out and if there has been an increase on its valuation.

Do any of you do the same?

Of course the prices people are putting their houses up for sale for are not necessarily the value someone wants to pay for them or indeed their true value, but it does give a ballpark idea if quite a few houses in the same area are going for roughly the same price.

I?m happy to say that at the moment it looks like I?m quids in (having seemingly bought when the market was at it?s lowest), but as we have seen, situations can change very quickly, and I?m in this for the long run so it doesn?t really effect me that much. It still won?t stop me looking though.

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  1. Zhu says:

    I must admit I don?t understand anything to real estate, especially in France where everything is still way over-valued. Not sure about the UK?
    Zhus last blog ..


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