I welcome the chaos of snow

I love snow

A lot of people have been moaning about the snow and the impact it has made on our lives but I for one actually welcome the uncertainty of it. We think we have everything sorted, so clean, processed, refined, and that we are in control of everything but the fact is that  we are  not, and I love it when a little bit of chaos enters our lives and adds a little unpredictability to it.  I feel a bit silly calling it ?chaos? when it?s just a bit of snow, but the fact is that we treat it as such, and many seem to view it with impending doom. Of course, the snow doesn?t really effect me and so I can approach this in a whimsical manner, where as if I had to travel a lot, or didn?t have central heating, then I would maybe be a bit more annoyed.

You can probably link this feeling to this post I wrote last year, and I repeat what I said then: ?the world isn’t always a rational, neat place, and nothing is ever under our control?.

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2 Responses to I welcome the chaos of snow

  1. Aravis says:

    For the most part I agree with you. But then, when I have to start driving back and forth to school over dangerous mountains in a few weeks, I?m liable to change my mind. *G*
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  2. Zhu says:

    I know what you mean, I feel the same when we have one of these monster storm.

    It hate when it happens on a work day though.


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