Targets for 2010

It has got a little boring around here hasn?t it, and who really wants to know what ?s been going on with me? Yes it looks like it?s going to be one of those posts whichs goes on about having nothing to write about, which rambles along, and then actually turns into a post. Or not.

Tom posted a list of ?Targets for 2010?, and clearly defined them as ?not new year’s resolutions? which is probably the way to go as I would say that New Year?s Resolutions usually have some negativety attached to them rather than being something positive to aspire to e.g. Give up sweets, drink less alcohol, etc.

So I might as well put a few targets on here, and see if I can complete any of them, and just like Tom I?ll try and keep you updated as at least I can always come back to this post as a reference.

1. Decorate spare room ? I have a room that is currently storing junk, but which needs to be fully decorated (plastered, painted, carpeted, etc).

2. Pay off credit cards ? I?ve currently got £2439.30 on my credit cards which is mostly debt I racked up whilst renovating the house having spent the majority of my savings on my deposit (plus some other bits). It is interest free until May, so I?ll try and get rid of some of it and then find another interest free card to transfer over to.

3.Lose a substantial amount of weight ? OK, this is always in there. We know what needs to be done, so just do it.

4. Cycle to work at least once a week ? I like cycling, I am only 2.3 miles from work, so I should cycle more. Yet again it?s that simple.

5. Take more photographs - and ones that other people may find interesting.

6. Visit more places - Okay so quite wide-ranging but I now have a ladyfriend who I would like to take to places other than Thanet.

That?s it for now then, and we?ll see how things go.

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4 Responses to Targets for 2010

  1. Aravis says:

    Excellent targets. Other friends of mine are reaching for ?goals.? Either way I agree, much better than ?resolutions? which fall by the wayside within the first month. I haven?t made one of those in years.

    Hurray for traveling with the lady friend. :0)
    Aravis“s last blog ..Now You’re Cooking

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