Photos in the Thanet Extra

During the snowy spells last week a couple of the local Thanet newspapers asked for reader?s photos via tweets from their Twitter profiles: ,

I duly obliged and send them a link to my Flickr set and told them to take any they wanted and so now I?ve got some photos in the Thanet Extra! There are some published on an online article (with an odd gallery widget) which you?ll have to click through to get to my photos, but rather impressively they are in the print edition too (15/1/10 edition).

Don?t worry if you haven?t got this week?s Thanet Extra as you can view it online here.

The pages with my photos are:

Page 2 pdf (original photo)

Page 3 (original photo)

page 5 pdf (original photo)

One of my ?Targets for 2010? was:

5. Take more photographs - and ones that other people may find interesting

And I think that having some photos in the local paper constitutes some fulfillment of that target. I?ve set the bar high now so will have to see if I can get any more photos published throughout the year.

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