What music are you into?

This weekend I was asked twice about what music I liked and I am always stumped when it comes to this question and it always seems like a cop-out when I say ?I like all types of music? and usually my mind goes blank when I try to think of specifics.

Of course there are exceptances to my ?all types of music? rule but the fact is that there are so many different genres of music that I can?t simply say I like Indie/DnB/Rock (delete as appropriate). Generally I will give anything a listen and will decide there and then what I like without having too many preconceptions.

I don?t go out and buy albums anymore and usually get my fix from Spotify or Zane Lowe/Annie Mac on BBC Radio1 and I make my music choices from there. Currently I?m quite enjoying the track ?Wile Out? by DJ Zinc feat. Ms. Dynamite:

I know it may not be to everyone?s tastes but I like it, and I?ll probably like it just as much as some pop-pap that I?ll hear on the radio tomorrow.

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2 Responses to What music are you into?

  1. Zhu says:

    I can never answer this question either. I guess pop-rock if I have to say something.

  2. Aravis says:

    I with you and Zhu: I can?t give a simple answer. My tastes are eclectic. It can be as much about an individual song as a group or genre. I?ll also give most things a listen; my brother and sister are good at throwing things my way. I kind of like the fact that I?m all over the place musically. It leaves me open to new experiences.


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