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January 31st, 2010Blog, MoneyAdem 5 Comments

I got my first AdSense payment this month which totalled £62.85, my earnings for having Google Adsense adverts on my site for the past 6 months. It’s not that much really is it? But then again I guess it’s money for nothing and it will come in handy.

When I was putting AdSense on the site I did a fair bit of reading from so-called experts who allegedly made a living from AdSense but it looks like they’re probably making a living because of all the people who visit their site trying to find how to become rich via AdSense! In short the only way off making a useful amount from Adsense is to have a lot of visitors and write about topics which bring in big-paying advertisers who will pay more for people clicking on their adverts (insurers, etc). This is not what my blog does so I guess I can give up on that idea, but I think that I will keep the adverts as long as they are unobtrusive and still earn me a little money.

'5 Responses to “Becoming an AdSense millionaire?”'
  1. tony flaig says:

    I’d rather have the sixty quid, than the abuse that I often get.

    Still I’m sorry that your not making gazillions, anyhow its nice to see, on days when you’ve had no feed back comments that at least your readers have found something to interest themselves.

    That’s all I have to say as I’ve got to prepare to meet my investment manager to discuss how invest this month’s google earnings a tenner I think
    .-= tony flaig´s last blog ..A quick reminder – KENT TV’s future =-.

  2. Zhu says:

    I don’t get much for Adsense either, yet it’s better than nothing. How are you doing with Text Link Ads by the way?

  3. Windows says:

    You answered My question on Adsence ads, But £60 is 6 times better than £10.

    Got a proper web address now Adem. Look^^^ Just gotta transfer my site now.

  4. Adem says:

    Good work Dave. No pool this week so no chatting but pop me an email if you want some server space to play around with.