I think the Turner Contemporary Margate WILL succeed

We?re quite a pessimistic lot over in Thanet and for the past few years there hasn?t really been a positive thing said about the Turner Contemporary by the residents of the Isle and so to have thousands of people heading in mass exodus to Margate shows that something has changed. I even found myself heading over there on Saturday and I felt a huge wave of optimism and hope as I made my way to the newly opened art gallery.

I didn?t even go into the gallery as it was a bit too busy but just walking around, hearing people excitedly talk about the future of Margate, seeing all the busy shops, seeing the busy harbour arm, made me feel that maybe the Turner Center is the catalyst that the place needs. Throw in the Dreamland Heritage Park, add it to the amazing beach, cafes and restaurants, and other attractions such as the Shell Grotto, and you have a place that I really do believe tourist will want to come to.

The other fact was that there were actually things going on, it wasn?t just smoke and mirrors, people were actually enjoying themselves? in Margate! Now there are more things to be done to the town but having spent millions on the Turner Contemporary there is no chance that we can let this momentum stop and think that the job is done.

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  1. GB says:

    Well said Adem, Saturday was one of the most enjoyable days I?ve had in ages and I didn?t even get into the Turner. There?s no reason that the Turner won?t be, if not a success, an attraction for people to come to Margate. Other galleries that have opened up and down the country, in places as far afield as Gateshead, Liverpool, Middlesbrough and Walsall and are doing OK. Turner Contemporary has one thing over those other galleries: it?s closer to London and Margate is next to the sea.

    I?ve stopped listening to the anti brigade, their arguments seem based on little more than prejudice and spite. The problem is people getting high hopes: don?t expect Margate to suddenly become St Ives or Brighton, it will probably take time for any change to occur and even then I think it will be minimal. Margate will still be Margate and I say thank God for that .


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