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How are things with the niche sites?
October 29th, 2012Niche Sites, ReportsAdem 2 Comments

I don?t post here that often but what seems to be the overriding theme normally is that I?ve not really done that much and I?m still earning money through my sites. Both of these remain mostly true although there are always peaks and dips in both with earnings and my productivity. Anyone involved with SEO [...]

I?m getting Married
July 24th, 2012Life, Niche SitesAdem 8 Comments

On Saturday 28th I?ll be getting married and then on Monday I?ll be jetting off to Bali for 2 weeks, and you can bet that I won?t be doing any work on my niches sites during that time, not that I?m doing much at the moment anyway, but you know what? I?ll still be earning [...]

Is this what they call passive income?
July 6th, 2012Niche SitesAdem 8 Comments

Over the past few months I?ve really not done that much to my niche sites. I?ve created a couple of new ones, added some basic content, but that has really been it. I?ve not created any links etc and just left things to run as organically as they can. Coupled with the fact I?ve moved [...]

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