Mystery Gates at Westwood

I hurt my knee and ankle on Sunday by getting my catching my foot in a divot whilst kicking the ball. This meant a lot of pressure was put on my dodgy knee and even dodgier ankles. For the next couple of days I was hobbling around and even had to miss my usual 5-aside football on Tuesday but by yesterday all was back to normal, which was a very quick rehabilitation by my standards.

When I got back from work yesterday I set up my new cycle computer on my bike (cheapo one from Tesco) and went off for a quick bike ride. A very quick one as it was getting dark and rush-hour traffics meant there were a lot of drivers around who don’t always respect cyclists. I only did 3.25 miles, which is nothing really, but at least it was something, and then I got back to have some dinner and spent 2.5 hours in sheer agony at watching Arsenal only just beat Roma via penalties in the Champions League.

Back to last weekend I went out for my cycle on Saturday to see the Quad Biking in Margate I came across a few things that I only normal catch a glance of when I’m driving at it’s these:

3348110a1a Mystery Gates at Westwood

Mystery gates at Westwood

I can only assume they are part of a former estate at Westwood () but with no buildings there I can only assume and on the map you can see that the pathway leads a long way (more pics here, here, and here). Anyone know any more? Maybe they are just gates to the woods?

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  1. Certainly a burial ground from the Middle Ages was at Poorhole Lane for Plague victims and there was mention in the local paper as I recall a few years a go about the possibility of new work there disturbing graves and disturbing dormant plague…though unlikely….nevertheless, stick it in your aquifier for all I care! I’m sure there are a couple of houses in that area and it is private so no trespassing! I would like to know more about it….anyone?

  2. Intriguing. I was also thinking of a cemetery. We have similar mysterious gates here in our town which, as it turns out, guard a trail to a centuries’ old cemetery. Very cool.

  3. I drove past these gates yesterday, sadly the left hand side has been knocked over, perhaps, we should try and get it re-erected.

  4. That is sad news. can no one drive properly nowadays? There are some suggestions above to what they are for but it would be good to get some firm evidence about their origin.

    veritatis et ingenii viribus = truthfulness and cleverness forces

    or something like that.

  5. My best mate and family own this.there is a mansion in the middle where the animals and horses ans lots of land


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