Welcome Back

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So I thought it was about time to put a new blog post up as my last one here was in April 2013! I’ve had several periods of hiatus over the years especially since I started this blog in May 2004 and the subjects I’ve written about have varied over that time too. It started off as a personal blog, then a few years the focus went shifted to internet marketing and making money online, and then it shifted to nothing.

I think it became a bit too focused and I didn’t want to be one of those types of blogs that tell people how to make money online when I was finding it hard to do it myself. I must however admit that I did find that blogging about what I was doing kept me focused and since I stopped blogging I’ve not done as much work online as I would have liked to.

I’m not expecting to get lots of visitors or make money from this site, but if it gets me writing again and sharing again then great, so here’s what you can expect:

  • News on sites I’m developing
  • Ideas for making money
  • My personal fitness and weight-loss
  • Sharing things I’ve discovered

So that’s all for now but speak soon.

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