Preview of tonights BBC Inside Out featuring Euroferries

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As I mentioned in this post Euroferries will be the subject of tonight’s Inside Out programme (7:30pm on BBC1 South-East or Sky 983) where Glenn Campbell asks whether Euroferries will ever start a new ferry service from Ramsgate. It should make good viewing.

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  1. Belle
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    Well, will certainly be interesting to see what Euroferries have to say – I suspect it will be an empty ‘vessel’ of a statement as usual.

    VCR set to record ……

    Have any of you been keeping up with the other developments regarding TEF and LD, Aunty Moo did well to report this on the other Eurferries thread.

  2. Adem
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    “A deal to provide freight and passenger services on the Ramsgate to Ostende has been done by ferry operators LD Lines and Transeuropa” – Your Thanet

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    Thanks for the answer to my qeiutsons I thought MY Alex was too tall for the car and I was right! Now I’m curious as to what speeds you are getting up to? Is everyone getting enough sleep? Making new friends with the other teams? Getting enough fun in the sun? I’m glad to hear your issues have been minor, Have a great day Raycing!

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