Addicted to Adsense

As you will know I’ve been playing around with niche sites and trying to increase my passive income (please excuse the buzz phrases) and a sideline of this is that I’ve become slightly addicted to checking my Google AdSense income. AdSense is my main revenue stream (see my May Income Report) and I’m only a few clicks away from seeing if my sites have earned me any money. We’re not even talking a huge amount but in my mind I’m thinking ‘How much have I earned for free today?’ and can’t help myself.

google adsense Addicted to AdsenseWhat has made it worse is that at the start I had some pretty successful days but a lack of effort on my behalf and also a drop in advertisers has meant that I’ve usually been disappointed this month when I’ve had a look. I also used a free AdWords coupon to boost my traffic so saw some increase in that but now it’s dropped down again. I really can’t complain though and knew that this was always the case.

The solution is and has always been to continue to write new content and also to create more sites to strengthen my position so that I’m not relying on one niche site, one set of visitors, and one set of advertisers who, through Google, wish to appeal to visitors searching for my site.

I’m happy to say I’ve got some more content written for my 2nd niche site and feel ready to start getting some backlinks for it and getting it listed on directories. We will then have to see what impact that has and hopefully I’ll be able to give you some figures for my June Income Report.


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