Renault Megane Indicator Problem

Hi. For the past few weeks the right indicator on my Megane has been playing up and flashing double time and actually making other lights flash too which is really funny if I want to die. Well I’ve been putting off fixing them because 1. I’m a bit lazy & 2. I wasn’t quite sure what to do.

I’d tested all the bulbs and they were fine and then last week a new problem arose where if I had the headlights on and was indicating right the fog light indicator would light up on my dashboard and as soon as I put my foot on the brake the right indicator would stop working! A great trick if you like playing chicken when turning right in the dark.

Well I asked my friend Ian what he thought and he said “probably some sort of earthing problem“. Cheers. So I went researching on the net and actually found a solution because it seems this has happened to a few other Megane owners.

Because one of the bulbs has lost an earth, when I brake I’m drawing an earth through another bulb to feed the defective light and by doing this it’s creating a magnetic field in the second bulb making it light. i.e things be f**ked up.

Open the boot and remove the lighting block and disconnect the connecting block. You should be able to see a bit of blackening on one of the pins where it has overheated. Get a small file and remove the black bits and maybe bend the pins a bit to improve the connection. Do this to both the left and right set of lights and put everything back.

Brilliant I can now indicate and brake at the same time!

Euroferries on BBC – Inside Out

Euroferries will be the subject of an ‘Inside Out’ report to be broadcast on BBC1 on Monday 8th February @ 7:30pm and it will have a contribution from local author Jane Wenham-Jones, who you will remember wrote the article ‘Ferry blog threat not exactly a PR triumph’ (online article here originally published 20/11/09).

Jane wrote this article after another delay to the proposed Ramsgate-Boulogne ferry service along with legal threats to local bloggers (myself and ECR) so if you haven’t read the article then I’d recommend it to you, and also make sure you tune in to ‘Inside Out’.

Useful Links

About Me – Adem Djemil

I’m Adem, 33, and I live in the South-East of the UK. I work a normal 9-5 job but I make money online too.

My Background

adem-8091260It may sound very odd to people nowadays but when I went to University in 1999 I had only used the internet briefly and didn’t even have an email address. Don’t get me wrong, I knew how to use computers, but the internet had never really been a part of it, but how things changed.

Over the next few years I learnt a lot, loved playing around and making websites, and even made a little money building sites for other people, but I never really saw the potential for earning money online.

In my day job I create, develop, run, and administer websites for a Students’ Union and this also involves design and marketing various online and offline campaigns too.

I love learning and in 2011 I started experimenting with ‘Internet Marketing’ and created my first website specifically made for AdSense (MFA) which started earning and got me hooked. Since then I’ve built dozens of sites that have ranked and now bring me in a regular monthly income which comes in handy alongside my 9-5 income.

Incidentally I sold that first AdSense website for £2,250 in January 2013.

What now?

I’m using this blog to write about whatever I want and not stick solely to MMO but will try and share best practice as well as keeping you up to date with what’s happening in my world. If you really want to keep up with me then follow me @Adem on Twitter.

Eden Project Tiltshift – Adem Djemil

If you’ve not heard of the Eden Project then this photo will give you a better idea of what to expect. The main features are the two ‘biomes’, one Tropical and one Mediterranean, which are pretty awesome, but it doesn’t end there with stunning garden displays around the site.

The focus of Eden isn’t just about being a great place to visit though as its whole ethos is about education with a focus on regeneration and sustainability and when you realise this you see that everything decision in creating this place has been made with that in mind. The project is located in a former china clay pit, and what better way of educating than but taking a china clay pit exhausted and stripped bare by man and then turning it around into this attraction.

This photo was taken on my iPhone and then tilt-shift techniques were applied to give it the effect of being a miniature model.

Recommended – Adem Djemil

I have invested time and money into many things online and so I’ve made this recommendation page so that you find things that I’ve found helpful. Some of the following are affiliate links but they are all sites that I’m happy to recommend and have personally used so if you do click on them and sign-up to the sites then I may get a small commission.

Expect to see this list grow as I find lots of useful things online.


Hostgator have provided my hosting since 2007 and I’ve had no problems with them whatsoever and they have always been responsive with any queries I’ve had. They are based in the US so bills come in dollars which usually means a good exchange rate.

Graphics provide a wide range of royalty free photographs and graphics with prices starting at $1. I often get photos from here for my niche sites as they’re much cheaper than other stock image providers.

Freepik is a great source for free photos, illustrations, PSD and vectors but if you’re using these for commercial purposes then it’s best to check the authorship and rights behind the images. I sometimes use the site for inspiration even if I don’t intend to use any of the files on there.

Fonts has hundreds of fonts and users have the opportunity to pay whatever they like for a font, you can even type in ‘$0′ for a free download which I have to admit I do most of the time!


Quidco is the UK’s No.1 cashback site and if you are buying anything online then follow links through the site and get some money back. Sometime’s it’s just pennies but I’ve used the site to buy things like TVs and laptops and managed to get some nice payouts. It’ not just for shopping online though and you can add your credit/debit card details to your account so when you shop instore you still get the cashback.

How to remove sludge from a radiator

After not doing it at the weekend, last night I got a chance to have a look at a couple of the upstairs radiators which needed to be flushed out. Research suggested that they were full of sludge, where the insides of the radiator corrode causing this rust to build up,  and so this needed to be removed. Read about sludge here and also about how it effects your radiator here.

Emptying sludge from a radiator…messy

I turned off the heating, closed the lockshield and thermostat valves, turned off the mains water, and then drained the system. Once this was done I removed the radiators (keeping the valves on both ends), and took them to the bath. It then got very messy.

If these were downstairs (and it wasn’t night time) then I’d be doing this outside and flushing them out with a hose, but needs must and so I used the shower to flush them out as best I could. After putting the valves back on (which I’d removed in order to flush), the rads were put back on, everything else was turned back on and after a nice amount of time I bled the de-sludged radiators (as they were full of air) and they filled with lovely hot water. Job done.

By no means does this mean that I won’t need to get an engineer out at sometime to check over the boiler, but for the moment it delays it and there is now warmth upstairs. Hurrah!

Future plans: There are a couple more radiators which have sludge in so they need to be flushed, and once they are all done I’ll add some central heating cleaning and protection additives.

Summer Ball 2014 – Adem Djemil

The Summer Ball at Canterbury Christ Church University attracts almost 2000 students with the line-up for 2014 including the likes of Foxes, Scouting for Girls, Wilkinson, Matrix & Futurebound, Neon Jungle, and a whole lot more.

Welcome Back

So I thought it was about time to put a new blog post up as my last one here was in April 2013! I’ve had several periods of hiatus over the years especially since I started this blog in May 2004 and the subjects I’ve written about have varied over that time too. It started off as a personal blog, then a few years the focus went shifted to internet marketing and making money online, and then it shifted to nothing.

I think it became a bit too focused and I didn’t want to be one of those types of blogs that tell people how to make money online when I was finding it hard to do it myself. I must however admit that I did find that blogging about what I was doing kept me focused and since I stopped blogging I’ve not done as much work online as I would have liked to.

I’m not expecting to get lots of visitors or make money from this site, but if it gets me writing again and sharing again then great, so here’s what you can expect:

  • News on sites I’m developing
  • Ideas for making money
  • My personal fitness and weight-loss
  • Sharing things I’ve discovered

So that’s all for now but speak soon.

Updating the blog

I’ve had my blog on several different domains over the years. Firstly in was on Blogger, then on, then on and now I’ve moved everything over to the main domain.

Migrating the blog

wordpress-logo-notext-rgb-300x300-6057456This site runs on WordPress and the /blog install had become very bloated over the years as it had seen countless plugins and themes installed and was just quite a bit of a mess and so a fresh and clean install felt like a good option and it also seemed silly having everything on a subdomain when the main parent domain wasn’t being used.

Handily WordPress offers an easy ‘Import/Export’ option from the tools menu which allowed me to easily migrate all the pages, posts and images I had on my old install to my new install. I did consider starting from scratch but with over 1000 posts it seemed a shame. Most get zero views but there are some posts that people still find useful so I thought why not.

Once all the posts were migrated I set up a 301 redirect in my .htaccess file using the following code which would mean that any links from external sites would still resolve and would also meant that search engines would still be able to find my already indexed posts.

redirect 301 /blog


As I mentioned, I had countless old plugins on my old site and it would be tempting to just copy the plugins folder over to the new install but we all know that too many plugins can slow down a website as well as many being completely pointless. That is why I decided to start from scratch and only install a few that I needed.

WordPress SEO by Yoast – This plugin does virtually everything allowing you to create custom SEO titles and descriptions for posts, create easy sitemaps, and loads of other things too.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – This adds a list of related posts to the footer of articles which allows readers to find other posts of interest. This should decrease bounce time of pages and increase page views which is all good for the site.

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded – This allows anyone who comments on a post to sign up for e-mail notifications for updates or further comments. I don’t comment on many blogs so I find things like this useful if I want to know if there’s been a reply to my comment.

SEO Friendly Images – This plugin automatically adds alt and title attributes to all images based on image filenames and the post titles which should improve traffic from search results and makes them W3C/xHTML valid as well. This is one that I will probably remove shortly as I usually try and manually add this info when I write a post but with 1000 posts in the archives and countless images it will have helped with the migration and keeping things nice and tidy.

Pretty Link Lite – This allows me to create short redirection links from my domain and also allows me to track the clickthroughs too.

Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu – I prefer a horizontal menu rather than the default WordPress sidebar menu so this nifty plugin created that in the Admin screen. It’s generally the first plugin I install on fresh WordPress sites.

Broken Link Checker – This plugin will check your posts, comments and other content for broken links and missing images, and notify you if any are found. This again was handy with a migration of posts going back 10 years and found hundreds of broken links in the site. It also makes it very easy to edit the links or just remove them.

There will be other plugins that I install or that come as default but for the moment these are the key ones that I’m using. I am looking for a social plugin to share posts but haven’t found one I like 100% so if you’ve got any recommendations then let me know in the comments.


hostmarks-free-responsive-wordpress-theme-300x225-8000471The theme is one of the first things that tell people what to expect from your site and there are thousands of themes out there, some free, some premium, and some ‘lite’ versions that are halfway inbetween. I have purchased premium themes before but for a simple blog I wanted something free and after some browsing online I discovered the Hostmarks theme which was clean, simple, and needed very little customising. I remember the days when I would be changing themes at the drop of a hat so hopefully this one should stay longer.

What next?

I’ll be tinkering here and there with the site and getting to grips with blogging again so watch this space but if you found this article useful then please don’t be afraid to comment below or share it on social media.