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Euroferries will be the subject of an ‘Inside Out’ report to be broadcast on BBC1 on Monday 8th February @ 7:30pm and it will have a contribution from local author Jane Wenham-Jones, who you will remember wrote the article ‘Ferry blog threat not exactly a PR triumph’ (online article here originally published 20/11/09).

Jane wrote this article after another delay to the proposed Ramsgate-Boulogne ferry service along with legal threats to local bloggers (myself and ECR) so if you haven’t read the article then I’d recommend it to you, and also make sure you tune in to ‘Inside Out’.

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Renault Megane Indicator Problem | The Big Blog

Hi. For the past few weeks the right indicator on my Megane has been playing up and flashing double time and actually making other lights flash too which is really funny if I want to die. Well I’ve been putting off fixing them because 1. I’m a bit lazy & 2. I wasn’t quite sure what to do.

I’d tested all the bulbs and they were fine and then last week a new problem arose where if I had the headlights on and was indicating right the fog light indicator would light up on my dashboard and as soon as I put my foot on the brake the right indicator would stop working! A great trick if you like playing chicken when turning right in the dark.

Well I asked my friend Ian what he thought and he said “probably some sort of earthing problem“. Cheers. So I went researching on the net and actually found a solution because it seems this has happened to a few other Megane owners.

Because one of the bulbs has lost an earth, when I brake I’m drawing an earth through another bulb to feed the defective light and by doing this it’s creating a magnetic field in the second bulb making it light. i.e things be f**ked up.

Open the boot and remove the lighting block and disconnect the connecting block. You should be able to see a bit of blackening on one of the pins where it has overheated. Get a small file and remove the black bits and maybe bend the pins a bit to improve the connection. Do this to both the left and right set of lights and put everything back.

Brilliant I can now indicate and brake at the same time!

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I’m in the phone booth, it’s the one across the hall | The Big Blog

Filed in Random 1 comments Thanks to the wonder of technology I’ve just had a chat with Ginny using Skype. I’ve been a visitor to ‘A Long Way from Om‘ for quite a while and love hearing about life in Canada. I’ve been using Skype for quite a while but only usually really use it for instant messaging, which is very informal, and the only person I usually call is Phil.


Well Ginny got her Skype working and so we just had a 10 minute chat, over 4700 miles apart, and 8 hours time difference apart.

Amazing, and really good to put a voice to a name [although shh *looks over shoulder* …… I knew what she sounded like anyway.]

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