I’m getting Married

On Saturday 28th I’ll be getting married and then on Monday I’ll be jetting off to Bali for 2 weeks, and you can bet that I won’t be doing any work on my niches sites during that time, not that I’m doing much at the moment anyway, but you know what? I’ll still be earning without even lifting a finger!

That’s what I love about the way I’m earning money online. At the moment sites are ranking okay and I’m earning 3/4 of my revenue through AdSense and 1/4 through Amazon and even though I won’t be putting any effort into them they are still ranking well for the moment, still getting visitors, and still earning me around £600 a month (before tax). I expect that figure to drop over Summer as people are out and about, enjoying the sun, enjoying the Olympics, but who care’s? I’ll be off enjoying myself and when I get back from Bali I’ll check to see how I’ve done.

Authority Site

I can reveal that I finally settled on a subject for my ‘authority’ site and that is ‘gadgets’. I’m not revealing the site yet as I only have one article on there at the moment and need to get a few more before the launch, and from then on I’ll be encouraging readers to share, like, tweet, and link to the website as that’s the way it will grow. Gadgets is a competitive market but I think I’ve got a good enough slant on it to offer something different. I won’t be ranking for an Exact Match Domain (EMD), and can’t rely on ranking this site how I do for the niche sites, so it will be telling if this will be a success.

Watch this space… but only after I’m back from honeymoon!

Is this what they call passive income?

Over the past few months I’ve really not done that much to my niche sites. I’ve created a couple of new ones, added some basic content, but that has really been it. I’ve not created any links etc and just left things to run as organically as they can. Coupled with the fact I’ve moved house and don’t have internet yet (I’m typing this in my lunch break at work) has meant that any money coming in is what I would probably call passive income. I did the hard work months ago and now I’m just sitting back and getting revenue each month. Nice work if you can get it, but obviously not enough for me to retire on.

How am I doing?

June was my best income month on record with my Amazon affiliate site improving to earn me £175.46 and my AdSense earnt me £450 to take me beyond my previous best I set in April.

I’m loving affiliate sites at the moment as I can see the potential in them for being able to create a site I can be proud of. Yes, I’m selling products, but I can only do that by creating a site that can attract visitors, can get them to trust me, and then sell them the idea of buying something. This allows me to write informative posts, share great content, and be happy to promote it. With AdSense I’m creating sites that rank well but where I want people to want to leave straight away through an AdSense advert. AdSense is still my biggest earner though so I’m not giving it up yet until the money starts drying up.

Authority Site

I’m made no inroads into this yet as I’ve not had the time to get started and also think that I need to think a lot harder before committing to this as I don’t want to jump into something that I’m not going to get anything out of. I thought I had a big idea but a while down the line and I don’t think I do. Back to the drawing board.

Paying Tax

It’s worth noting that this income hasn’t been taxed yet, so it’s not just free money (yet). I’m putting a third of my money in a separate bank account and at the end of the year I will have to pay tax on the profit I’ve made (I work full-time and niche sites are my bit on the side). I’ll be honest and say I’ve not done a massive amount of research into this as will try and seek out some help from fellow internet marketers, but by putting this aside I hopefully won’t get a big surprise for money I owe to the taxman. If you’ve got any useful info or tips on tax then please leave a comment.

Speak soon

That’s it for this mini update. Done.

e107 Soccer/Football League Table

I’ve been using e107 to run my football website for over a year and one of the things I’ve spent quite a lot of time looking for it a league table plugin for it, but after much googling and searching of forums I couldn’t find anything, and so just had a link forward to the league website and its league tables, but this wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

It seems that there’s quite a few people out there who may also be interested in a league table for their site and so I’m gonna tell you about it here.

I came across a programme called tplLeagueStats which can generate league, form, and statistics tables, and looking at the example on their site I thought I’d give it a go. The fact that it’s released for free under the GNU/GPL license also helped make up my mind.

tplLeagueStats software is the perfect answer for webmasters running both professional and amateur soccer sites on a .php enabled server. Using a MySQL backend the program is fully featured and can be used to generate League, Form & Stats Tables.

With the files uploaded to my server, and the editing of a php file to include my MySQL database information, I just had to navigate to an installer page and then I was ready to rock and roll and start with the data input, in my case adding all the results for last season to create a complete table for the division my football team play in.

The end result was this page which was exactly what I wanted but was still on a separate page and so I needed to find a way to incorporate it into the site, and this was done by installing the e107 plugin called Wrap v0.9.2 which allows you to ‘wrap’ specified web pages into your template and you can see it all working here.


Update: I no longer use e107 anymore so a lot of this information is outdated.