May 2011 Income Report | Adem Djemil : Blog

I may only have one niche site running at the moment but I am providing an income report to track how the site is doing and most importantly how I am doing with Adsense revenue.


I bought the domain for niche site P on 10th May and started writing my content with the view to add more content every few days but the site was basically ‘ready’ to receive visitors after a days work. I knew it would take a while to get indexed by Google but it was only a few days until I started getting some hits.

Amount of Visits

I’m happy to say that the number of visitors has been steadily increasing and as I add more content and get more backlinks this should improve.

As you can see it traffic has been increasing (big dip on the Bank Holiday Weekend) and it’s great to see that the visitors are spending on average 5 minutes on the site and reading 4.3 pages a visit meaning that my content is useful and it increases the chances of them clicking on an Adsense advert. Please note that I am using Google Analytics for these stats and have excluded my IP from the stats so that these figures are an honest representation and don’t include me!


My revenue is completely dependant on visitors clicking on the Adsense adverts which are positioned on every page. It is important to have good content so the the adverts are specific to the visitors and so they will be more inclined to click on them.


So £23.13 earned in just under 3 weeks may not sound great but there were a lot of quiet days in the beginning and I expect this to increase next month (hopefully) as I have been adding more and more content and my site has also improved with it’s keyword ranking so Google should be sending more visitors my way.

What now?

The site has lots of content now but I will ad a few more pages over the next month to keep things ticking along. The main focus is on backlinks and trying to get some linkjuice from Google. The main idea is that the more links you get to your site from external sites, the higher Google will rank you in their search engines and sometimes you have to do a bit of work to get this to happen.

I will continue to minitor the site daily but I will also investigate setting up another niche site so that I can possibly increase my revenue. £23 a month (actually 2 weeks) is not very much but if I can do the same with another site then profit obviously doubles.

I will give you another update at the end of June to let you know how the site it doing.