Becoming an AdSense millionaire?

I got my first AdSense payment this month which totalled £62.85, my earnings for having Google Adsense adverts on my site for the past 6 months. It’s not that much really is it? But then again I guess it’s money for nothing and it will come in handy.

When I was putting AdSense on the site I did a fair bit of reading from so-called experts who allegedly made a living from AdSense but it looks like they’re probably making a living because of all the people who visit their site trying to find how to become rich via AdSense! In short the only way off making a useful amount from Adsense is to have a lot of visitors and write about topics which bring in big-paying advertisers who will pay more for people clicking on their adverts (insurers, etc). This is not what my blog does so I guess I can give up on that idea, but I think that I will keep the adverts as long as they are unobtrusive and still earn me a little money.