I’ve won an iPod Shuffle!

Stacker Game

Last night after plenty of busy nights it was a calm one as I took a group of the students bowling in Margate for a bit of a change to all the drinking and partying they’ve experienced so far. Anyway enough of the bowling… whilst I was waiting for some of the students to finish their games I had a go on one of the arcade machine and I won an iPod Shuffle

It’s on one of the stacker skill machines where you have to match up blocks and get the chance to win a small prize or go for a big prize and I’ve played this type of machine a bit in the Penny Theatre in Canterbury and usually come away with a minor prize of a yoyo or something like that. I wanted a yoyo this time (I know!) and pressed the wrong button which made me continue for the major prize instead of collecting a small prize (doh! I thought), well apparently it was time for this machine to pay-out and so I had the skill to select a prize. There was a choice of wii games, a sat-nav or a shuffle, and as I already have a TomTom and sold my Wii last year, then there was only one logical option and I selected the 1 gig iPod Shuffle which costs a round £30 in the shops.

I’ve wanted an iPod for ages but never got around to it so this was a happy treat and now I can shuffle away. Of course there’s no screen on the shuffle but I quite like the randomness of autofilling the iPod and not knowing what you’re going to be listening to next. It’s a very good chance to listen to songs you may have forgetten about.

Good times at last.