July 2011 Income Report

July was a very busy month for me, but unfortunately for my niche sites it wasn’t spent on them! I had a 3 day Stag weekend in Scotland, followed by a 4 day stag weekend in Wales, a wedding, and then finally the whole business of selling my house. Add this to my full-time job and that doesn’t leave much time for my niche sites, but I guess that’s one of the ideas of passive income in that the money still trickles in with minimal day to day effort.

I did a lot of work on my main niche site ‘P’ in May and I’ve been reaping the rewards since. I’ve also dabbled in my second niche site ‘F’ but done very little on it which is a pity as I know it’s got potential but I need to spend some quality time on it.

The Numbers

June Income July Income Difference
Niche Site P £237.74 £340.36 £102.62
Niche Site F £0.79 £8.22 £7.42
ademdjemil.co.uk/blog £3.03 £3.27 £0.24
TOTAL £241.56 £351.85 £110.29

A massive £110.29 increase in my passive income from June’s AdSense revenue put my monthly income up to £351.85 in July or $576 for those who deal in US dollars. That is massive and it’s great to have that added to my normal monthly income from my day job.

What have I learned this month?

The main thing I’ve learned that you cannot control your AdSense earnings as there are too many factors that account for your earning. Just because you are getting traffic it doesn’t always mean that visitors will click on your adverts, and the average amount of daily clicks you get will never be constant. The other factor is that the CPC (Cost per Click) can vary greatly and there is nothing you can do about it. Choosing a good niche will help you get high paying advertisers but they will also have a budget and sometimes advertisors just aren’t in the mood to pay too well. I’ve had clicks worth £5 and I’ve had clicks worth 15p, all on the same content but it just depended on who was advertising.

The chart to the right shows how much I currently depend on niche site P and so I definitely need to expand niche site F and hopefully that will be a bigger chunk next month. Of course you can never depend on your passive income but it’s certainly a nice bonus at the end of the month!