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I’ve been busy for quite a while and haven’t managed to scour the internet to tell you about all the new and shiny things out there, but I have made one new discovery, and a fun one at that.

The site in question is Xpert Eleven, billed as “The Best Online Football Management Game With Focus On Coaching”, which does exactly what it says on the tin, although it also has a social networking aspect to it, which is what gives the site it’s uniqueness over other games, and there are currently 173500 members registered on Xpert Eleven.

Xpert Eleven is the game where you can challenge your friends in the noble art of coaching a football team. Get your friends together and create your own league system.

You can make up your own team, make up your own league, or join up to other leagues already running, and all the teams in the game are managed by real players who you can interact with, either wheeling and dealing, playing matches against, or just chatting.

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It is free to sign up although their is a VIP option which allows you to upload club badges, design new kits, and generally customise your presence, along with giving you access to more stats and the abilty to join further leagues.

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I’ve signed up for the VIP and am currently playing in four different leagues, and it is quite enjoyable, and not too time demanding as matches are played either once or twice a week, with the time in between spent organising the team.

We consider Xpert Eleven to be a social game that everybody can play. It’s easy to play, but hard to master.

The section I enjoy the most though is the ‘Press’ section, where you can put out press releases about virtually anything, ususally putting down your next opposition.

Why don’t you give it a go? I promise I’ll have a nerdier post next time!!

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