May, 2004

May 15th, 2004RandomAdem 0 Comments

What a night! Just finished work. it?s 12:45 in the am. I knew tonight was gonna be a bad one. We had ?drink the bar dry? at the SU bar and I?ve been struggling for staff all week but in the end I was saved by some 1st year staff. It?s been fuck-off busy and [...]

May 15th, 2004RandomAdem 0 Comments

Do you ever wake up after a night out feeling brilliant with the whole day ahead to make of what you will? I did. What a mistake! What an unproductive day I?ve had. My hangover kicked in at about 3pm, the best thing I did was buy some power-steering fluid, and now I?m at work [...]

May 14th, 2004RandomAdem 0 Comments

I succeeded in my ?piss-up challenge? ? dranks some lager, some bitter, some vodka, some redbull, some smirnoff ice, some red square, and mixed it all up inside by dancing like an idiot all night??brilliant??.sadly I didn?t make too much of a dick of myself?..and I didn?t even offend anyone in a drunken manner??what?s it [...]

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