September, 2004

September 10th, 2004RandomAdem 0 Comments

The web is full of rubbish. It?s a fact. But every so often whilst trawling through the eternal tide of crap you find something very special. It?s still crap but the name of this site is ?Crap Towns?. Basically these two guys are trying to make a map of how crap the UK is. They [...]

September 7th, 2004RandomAdem 0 Comments

As soon as the soles of my feet touch sand I regress to my chidhood self and out comes the bucket and spade?let the digging commence. For this artistic number I dug a hole, buried myself, and got Steve and Abby to mould this lovely figure for me.

September 6th, 2004RandomAdem 0 Comments

We?ve just had a great weekend. It was sunny for a change, and Ben and I took the opportunity to go fishing off Deal Pier on Friday. We caught quite a few fish but they were all wee nippers, although a few people caught some mackeral that were probably a few lbs each. You should?ve [...]

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